"Locally founded and woman owned since 2015…the company even supports local non-profits like Junior League of Denver, Sewall Child Development Center, and Walk With A Doc...” Read More

"All smoothies can swap banana for avocado or toss in anything from flax seed to Nutella…For a quick hit of energy during the day try the Turmeric Tonic Shot. In a hurry to get your smoothie? You can order ahead online.” Read More

"This spot has to be the most unique stop on our list. Expect, handcrafted açaí berry bowls, pitaya bowls, smoothies, and more. In other words: healthy eats that taste like treats. Everything is made-to-order, and the employees know the source of every ingredient, so Berriegood can easily (and happily!) accommodate every dietary or allergen need." Read More

"Berriegood Co., while not the only açaí bowl company on the market, is certainly one of the best. Their Kokomo Bowl, so simple, but so good, is just one of the great combinations they have to offer. And for all the pitaya (dragon fruit) lovers out there — don’t worry, they have a bowl for you, too." Read More

"Food trends come and go...Then there are açaí bowls, made from tropical berries jam-packed with health benefits...Here are the trend-setting, health-conscious eateries to get 'em. Denver's first cafe dedicated to açaí super fruit features a wide variety of clever takes on the breakfast in a bowl..." Read More

"Sometimes the laws of the universe get broken and healthy ingredients come together in a meal that actually tastes great. Such is the case with the latest trend of breakfast and lunch shops selling superfruit bowls and smoothies..." Read More

"And acai bowls are 'the next big hipster food,' according to Baum + Whiteman, sort of like a big-bowl smoothie made from frozen acai pulp, soy or other milk, plus bananas and fruits. Acai is a berry native to Central and South America that some studies show is richer in antioxidants than cranberries and raspberries. Berriegood Co. in Denver features seven kinds of acai bowls..." Read More

"What I’m most proud of in our company is the ethos and culture of our team, and how this goodness spreads to our customers. We have the kindest team and customers..." Read More

"Berriegood was started by a native Californian who after 14 years in Denver has decided to build up a company dedicated to serving the good people of Denver Açaí superfruit bowls and smoothies..." Read More

"The Berriegood Co. is the first tenant to set up shop at 681 E. Louisiana Ave. They are serving up açaí bowls to fit all your nutritional needs and are happy meet your dietary needs as well (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.)..." Read More

"Can't think of a better way to finish up that Washington Park run or power up for the workday then a stop into Berriegood to get that superfruit buzz going..." read more

"You can create the bowl of your dreams or choose from one of many mouthwatering options on their menu. These acai bowls make the perfect option for a clean yet super-tasty breakfast (and are totally Insta-worthy)..." read more

"Berriegood Co. is dedicated to providing dishes that serve the best ingredients around. Their healthy eats taste like yummy treats, and best of all, they cater to gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and kid-friendly diets…" read more